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Did you know that there was a successful peaceful revolution in Iceland? It’s true. But you wouldn’t know from watching TV.

In 2008, the people of Iceland forced their prime minister and his whole government to resign. Next, they nationalized the banks & opted not to pay back the fake debt created by foreign bankers. Next, they created a public assembly to rewrite their constitution. And all of this in a peaceful way.

The people of Iceland have proven to the world that there is a way to dismantle the system while preserving peace & democracy.

Learn more:

I have maintained since roughly 2010 that Iceland is the fucking best

oh my….god….i didnt even know

It wouldn’t be broadcast on our news because it might give people ideas and catch on. Some people may be a little content with our government but I think the only people who are absolutely thrilled with or government are the rich and wealthy, and the politicians who get their corporate back scratches.

Sure we have a high standard of living but that’s not an excuse to ignore possible major improvements, especially when it seems our privacy and sense of freedom are being pulled on for the sake of a select few profit-minded people. Our nation seems to be supporting private business more than the average citizen.

Btw I may add that these 1%’ers control our media as well -_-
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